The Sound of Beautiful Living

There are many good reasons to move to Vienna’s 3rd municipal district, Landstraße, and enjoy the outstanding urban quality of life there. This smart district is home to many embassies, and is now home to the exclusive new “Casa Belcanto” property development – perfect for sophisticated homeowners.

3D Außenvisualisierung Casa Belcanto
3D Außenvisualisierung Casa Belcanto

Directly opposite the University of Music and Performing Arts, a magnificent six-storey tenement from 1904 forms the architectural heart of this suave regeneration project. From the first floor through to the newly built loft, choose from a total of eight apartments in various sizes (65 m2 to 180 m2).  The six standard apartments are equipped with balconies facing the courtyard, while the two luxury penthouse apartments each feature a spacious balcony and terrace for relaxation in your own rooftop oasis. Whether you’re looking to indulge in a spot of urban outdoor gardening or just to enjoy the heavenly views out over Vienna, “Casa Belcanto” offers sophisticated living that makes all your dreams come true!

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